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View from Scout Island's bridge looking towards the marsh in the middle of summer with blue skies above.

Breathe Easy

Williams Lake

The air we share sits upon unceded Secwepemc’ulucw  Traditional Territory and Ancestral Lands of the Northern Secwepemc Peoples.

A starry sky with tree tops bordering the view.

We recognize our collective responsibility to Preserve and Protect, Restore and Respect the air, this most precious of resources that is essential to all of life. 

We are all made from stardust

Knowing no borders, boundaries or lines on a map, the air is shared by all living beings on the planet.

The Air we Breathe connects us ALL. Present. Past. Future.

Your next breath may contain elements, which were just days before, exhaled as a polar bear snored.  Some of the elements will have been inhaled by your great Great GREAT Grandparents and one day, will be exhaled by your children’s Children’s GREAT Grandchildren.

Looking up into the tree canopy whose leaves and branches look like a interconnected network.

With profound and often overlooked impacts on human, animal, plant and ecosystem health, addressing air quality issues is essential in protecting the health and wellness of People and Planet.

It’s all connected

Check out the current Air Quality Health Index for Williams Lake and explore our site to help understand your risks, rights, responsibilities and relationship to the air we share. Read more.

Show you care. Respect and Protect our Air.