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Active Transportation

Walk. Ride. Bike. Skate. How will you participate?

Little girl rides a scooter with a helmet.

Active transportation not only improves our health and well being, it also improves air quality and reduces impacts of climate change.

Research also shows that physical activity improves attention span, concentration at work and academic achievement. Driving our kids to and from school may be robbing them of an important source of daily physical activity.

Shoulder check; use hand signals; don’t ride on the sidewalk or too close to the curb to correct common commuting mistake. Practice these tips to keep safe on the road.

mother and child walk on a trail together while other children run and jump down the trail farther ahead.

Whether cycling or walking to school, a child will develop physical, decision-making and social skills that will benefit them throughout their life.

Improve your health and air quality by cycling to school, work, and where ever you need to go!

Learn more about GoByBike BC

Parent rides a bike with a child on the backseat and another child with a rear bicycle attachment pedaling behind.

Go By Bike, Bike to Work and School Weeks, are free, fun, provincial celebrations of cycling encouraging people of all ages to use their bicycle as an active mode of transportation.

Cycling to work is a great way to add activity to your day; saving time by combining a work out with your travel needs. With active transportation you arrive at work/school energized and full of endorphins!

GoByBike BC will host Winter, Spring and Fall events in 2022. Stay up to date via our Facebook page!

Need a bike? Have a bike to donate?

Students help to break down old bikes for parts and recycling at Chilcotin Road Elementary School during GoByBike 2021

The “Bikes for All’ Program repairs, recycles and redistributes used bikes to those who need them in our communities. Repairing and rehoming over 400 bikes since it started, this WasteWise program is amazing!

Students help to break down old bikes for parts and recycling at Chilcotin Road Elementary School during GoByBike 2021 (right).


Want to learn more about the health benefits of active transportation?

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