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Driving Down Emissions

Here are some simple actions you can take reduce your fuel and vehicle maintenance costs, improve local air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Drive less or consider carpooling

Walk to work. Initiate a walking school bus with neighbourhood friends

Ride to work on one of the rad local trails

Following these tips, you can reduce emissions from your vehicle.

Using air conditioning in stop-go traffic increases fuel consumption by as much as 20%.

  • Plan your trips and combine errands, cut down on unnecessary journeys.
  • Avoid abrupt stops and starts, ‘smooth driving’ will save your fuel.
  • Drive in the highest gear possible.
  • Maintain a constant speed, use cruise control.
  • Use air conditioning sparingly.
  • Keep your vehicle well maintained, especially tire pressure.
  • Removing unnecessary weight, or a roof rack, can improve fuel efficiency.
  • Using a block heater warms oil and coolant and makes your engine easier to start, improving fuel efficiency.
  • If you are replacing your car consider fuel efficient models or hybrid vehicles. Avoid vehicles that are more powerful then you need.

Poor tire maintenance costs Canadians collectively around $500 million/year and wastes an estimated 643 million litres of fuel.

Try and avoid idling your vehicle. Idling is not always necessary and over the long-term it damages your engine, wasting both fuel and money!

To learn more about the negative effects of idling

Check out our blog post.

Facts & Fiction About Idling

Did you know? During the winter, Canadians idle their vehicles for a combined total of 75 million minutes a day and that idling releases twice as many exhaust fumes into the air…